Our Company

Window Coverings Technology

'Wintec Korea offers a wide array of services, from product development and design, to production and A/S services.'

The design and style of Wintec Korea strives to satisfy both aesthetics and functionality.
Vertical integration allows complete control over production, and ensures the most rigorous quality control.
The Research and Development Center has been established in order to develop safe and eco-friendly products.
We always strive to provide proven products verified by the Global Verification Organization.
We operate more than 70 stores nationwide; With differentiated services, a large collection of products, reliable quality, and the most sophisticated design.
Wintec Korea takes full responsibility for its products from the beginning to the end.


"Since its establishment in 1994, WINTEC KOREA has combined technological excellence, innovation, and field expertise accumulated over 20 years of constant research and development to define its position as a coveted global market leader in window furnishing technology.
WINTEC KOREA’s advanced cutting edge infrastructure and technological capabilities enables the production of the highest quality fabrics, componentry, finished blinds and even logistics and A/S management. WINTEC’s streamlined start to finish capabilities give WINTEC unrivalled competitiveness.

WINTEC KOREA is committed to constantly creating and developing safe and environmentally friendly products. In 2010 WINTEC KOREA established its own design laboratory where the best field experts use their knowledge and experience towards revolutionary product R&D and take its place at the forefront of ever-changing industry trends.
WINTEC KOREA continues to work dynamically towards its vision of becoming the ‘best blinds & shades company’ in the world."
Designed for the highest fashion, engineered for the most sophisticated. Wintec is a highly innovative development company specialized in manufacturing fabrics and components for Window Fashions. From expertise in design, digital printing, and motorization, to the most advanced coating and coloring processes in the world. We work closely with our customers to bring the worlds most innovative products and fashions.
Originality, inventiveness, and artistry.. At Wintec we position our brands and customers with the most expressive and creative colors, styles, patterns, and products. With an in-house creative department, we work with customers to bring the fabrics and components of their dreams to life.
Our customers can depend on our products to meet the highest quality standards. When it comes to dependability, durability, and accuracy, our products are service are second to none.
Honor and principle are most important to us and our customers. Trust Wintec to be the very best partner.